Guests of ADIS Holiday Inn share their impressions on their stay:

9 september 2020 г.    

I would like to express my excellent impressions of my stay at the ADIS holiday resort in k. “Golden Sands”. I had the opportunity to rest at the station for one shift, at the end of August this year.
At the very beginning I would like to note the responsiveness and professionalism of Mr. Damyan Milushev, organizer of “Holiday Properties”, to whom I turned for a reservation. He provided the necessary information and useful advice with care and a strong willingness to cooperate.
Our stay at the station was great and I think that its manager, Mrs. Ivelina Ivanova, has made an exceptional contribution to this. During the shift, we approached her with a request to resolve specific issues and we always met with understanding and striving to do everything possible to satisfy our demands.
The food offered, in terms of quantity, quality and choice, in my opinion, fully meets high expectations. The rooms, the building and the surrounding area at the station were impeccably maintained. This is an occasion to express my gratitude and appreciation not only to the manager, for the organization of the overall work, but also to the staff engaged in these activities: always friendly girls at the reception, kind service in the restaurant of the station, diligently working for cleaning, preparing delicious food. we did not see, but whose work we appreciated every morning, at lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, I have not memorized names to quote them.
I am glad that ADIS maintains high quality of the services provided in the holiday resort in the resort “Golden Sands” and I want to express through you my sincere gratitude for the work and care of all who gave us the opportunity for a wonderful holiday.

With respect,
Zlati Katsarski
Head of Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Me and my grandson have spent a few wonderful summer holidays at ADIS Holiday Inn, Golden Sands.”

Pavlinka Atanasova

“I seize the opportunity to express my appreciation for the high professionalism while booking my rooms. I would like to mention that we’ve been visiting ADIS Holiday Inn for some years and we are extremely satisfied with the service and the place.”

Plamen Georgiev


“I would like to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful moments in ADIS Holiday Inn. We hope and wish you a productive holiday season and magnificent summer.”

Kiril Vladimirov

„Keep up the good service.”

Alexandrina Alexandrova

„Everything was great. Special thanks to the maids working on the 3rd floor.”

Alexandra Badeva

„I had a superb time.”

Diana Balabanova

„Food staff is truly excellent.”

Lyudmila Savova

„We would like to thank the entire ADIS Holiday Inn staff for its aspiration and constant efforts to provide us with a pleasant holiday. Special thanks to Tedy. Her professionalism and great respect made us feel we were in a high-class hotel. Many thanks to the chef and the kitchen personnel.

Rossitsa Dimitrova

„You are great!!!”

Roberto Lepoev

„ADIS Holiday Inn is a small peaceful haven.”

Konstantin Bogdanov

Ten years after my first arrival this summer I was back at my favorite spot – ADIS Holiday Inn, Golden Sands resort. I’m pleased with the time well spent here. I’m so glad that you’ve preserved it and I observed some improvements in the interior. The food was wonderful, the staff – polite, everything was absolutely perfect.
Wishing you health and integrity.

Roberto Lepoev

„Thank you for the wonderful holiday! Good luck everyone!”

Veselina Kovacheva

„Everything was great!”

Vesela Georgieva

„Perfect vacation! Thank you!”

Adam Nichols